RIPPL #4: Lastenrad Stuttgart – Cargo Bike Sharing

Lastenrad Stuttgart offers free cargo bike borrowing for anyone in Stuttgart. The project currently offers 5 cargo bikes and 4 cargo trailers with pedelecsThey work with different stations, for example health centers, cafés or district centresThe project is financed mainly through crowd sourcing and donations from people who borrow the bikes and trailers. All bikes and trailers can be booked via the website.  Continue reading “RIPPL #4: Lastenrad Stuttgart – Cargo Bike Sharing”

RIPPL #2: FoodLogica – Last Mile Food Delivery

Amsterdam based startup Foodlogica began trading in 2014; conducting last mile food deliveries  around the city with two e-trikes. Clients’ food is delivered to the edge of the city and Foodlogica take it the rest of the way. After a trial period beginning in June 2014, the company was launched in September that same year. Continue reading “RIPPL #2: FoodLogica – Last Mile Food Delivery”