RIPPL #13: Outspoken! Delivery – Consolidation and Containerisation

This is the second in a series of RIPPL posts about Outspoken! Delivery, a cycle logistics company based in Cambridge which uses cargo bikes and trikes to deliver a number of different services in innovative ways. The first, about how the company is beginning to use heavy duty components on their fleet of e-trikes, is available here. Outspoken is currently the biggest independent cargo bike courier company in the UK.

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RIPPL #12: CityServiceBike – Last Mile meets Park & Ride

CityServiceBike is a brand new initiative by Elza van Genderen. Inspired by her knowledge that every day maintenance and installation businesses encounter obstacles while working in the city centre, she launched a pilot on 11 May in Utrecht, which will provide a solution for businesses who want their workers to instead travel by bicycle.  Continue reading “RIPPL #12: CityServiceBike – Last Mile meets Park & Ride”

RIPPL #11: Txita – Activists of Sustainable Transport

TXITA Txirrindak is a cycle logistics company from Donostia – San Sebastian, founded in 2006. Their mission is to improve the sustainability and quality of life in the city by promoting eco‐friendly urban transport, simultaneously establishing a successful model to serve as an example to other cities. Continue reading “RIPPL #11: Txita – Activists of Sustainable Transport”