RIPPL #18: Subsidised e-Cargo Bikes in Maastricht

A pilot scheme in Maastricht is allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to try out electric cargo bikes for free. Maastricht Bereikbaar (”Accessible Maastricht”, the city transport authority which is a collaboration between several government bodies, the local Municipality, the Province of Limburg and local businesses with an interest in logistics) is giving local initiatives the chance to test e-cargo bikes for six months. Continue reading “RIPPL #18: Subsidised e-Cargo Bikes in Maastricht”

RIPPL #17: Pedal Me – MaaS by bike on the streets of London

London-based startup Pedal Me is taking the trend of Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and applying it to bikes. The company exists to carry a precious cargo around the city; passengers. To do this, specially adapted bikes, which were developed in collaboration with Dutch manufacturer Urban Arrow, are used. A smartphone app allows customers to request rides, get a price estimate and follow the progress of their rider as they approach. Continue reading “RIPPL #17: Pedal Me – MaaS by bike on the streets of London”