RIPPL #51: Stadswerkplaats – Groningen’s brilliantly unassuming cargo-trike hire service

This is the second in a series of RIPPL articles supported by Gemeente Groningen. In the run up to the International Cargo Bike Festival, which takes place in the city this coming June, we’re taking a deep-dive and focussing on how cycle-logistics works in this city of bikes.

In Groningen there has been an unfussy, straightforward way to get hold of a cargo trike for the day for over 30 years; long before the buzz phrases ‘mobility-as-a-service’ or ‘sharing economy’ were coined. The trikes, instantly recognisable to any Groninger, are available to hire from volunteer-run Stadswerkplaats which, although it is an unassuming organisation, is something of an institution in this city.

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RIPPL #48: KoMoDo cooperative micro depot opens in Berlin

A new depot for last-mile deliveries has begun operating in central Berlin, where around 800,000 people live within a 5km radius. The pilot project, dubbed ‘KoMoDo’, involves several different logistics operators working under one roof. Each logistics operator has access to a 14m² transshipment container within the facility and overall management is by BEHALA – a neutral provider. Packages are delivered to the hub by conventional trucks, then distributed by bike in busy city centre streets.

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RIPPL #40: Our Top-5 Trends and What’s Next

The RIPPL project has been running for a year now; so what better time to look back and reflect upon what we’ve discovered? We’ve picked out our top 5 most interesting trends so far.

Firstly though, our thanks go not only to you, our readers, for reading, but also to the 39 initiatives we’ve featured so far for sharing their valuable ideas and experiences with us. Later in this article we’ll also give you a taste of what is coming up for the RIPPL project. Continue reading “RIPPL #40: Our Top-5 Trends and What’s Next”

RIPPL #26: TINK – Affordable Cargo Bike Sharing in Germany

TINK, or (Transportrad Initiative Nachhaltiger Kommunen – Cargo bike Initiative of Sustainable Communities), is a cargo bike sharing initiative based in two German cities. 24 cargo bikes and trikes have been made available to members of the public in the northern city of Norderstedt, whilst in the south 24 more are available in the University town of Konstanz. The two cities were chosen for the project because of the already high levels of cycling there. Continue reading “RIPPL #26: TINK – Affordable Cargo Bike Sharing in Germany”

RIPPL #9: Carvelo2go – Cargo Bike Sharing Scheme

Carvelo2go, a project established in 2015 and supported by the Swiss “carvelo” cargo bicycle initiative, was the world’s first electric cargo bike-sharing scheme. The more than 2600 users who have already registered can hire electrically-assisted cargo bikes by the hour in a number of Swiss towns, by visiting the carvelo2go websiteCurrently the service is available in Basel, Bern, Vevey and St Gallen, but in June and July 2017, Zurich, Winterthur, Baden and Lucerne will also be added. Continue reading “RIPPL #9: Carvelo2go – Cargo Bike Sharing Scheme”

RIPPL #4: Lastenrad Stuttgart – Cargo Bike Sharing

Lastenrad Stuttgart offers free cargo bike borrowing for anyone in Stuttgart. The project currently offers 5 cargo bikes and 4 cargo trailers with pedelecsThey work with different stations, for example health centers, cafés or district centresThe project is financed mainly through crowd sourcing and donations from people who borrow the bikes and trailers. All bikes and trailers can be booked via the website.  Continue reading “RIPPL #4: Lastenrad Stuttgart – Cargo Bike Sharing”