RIPPL #46: Bogbi – handmade cargo bikes for peace in Colombia

“To make high quality cool products AND to contribute to a Colombia in peace.”

That’s the vision of Bogbi, a new Bogotá-based Colombian-Norwegian cargo bike manufacturer with a social vision. The initiative is the brainchild of Colombian Eduardo Moreno and Sigurd Kihl, who met in 2016 through their wives. Both are industrial designers and the pair quickly bonded over Bogotá’s terrible traffic; both expressed a desire to transport their children and goods around without cars. Problems for which, it seemed to them, a cargo bike would be the perfect solution.

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RIPPL #34: E-Bikes to the rescue in São Paulo

The road network of São Paulo is notorious for traffic congestion. According to Rede Nossa São Paulo, some motorists spend a month per year sitting in traffic. In 2012, the World Bank found that traffic jams caused by the 8.5million cars in São Paulo made it the 6th most congested city on earth and cost the Brazilian economy $17.8 billion; 1% of national GDP in 2012. Continue reading “RIPPL #34: E-Bikes to the rescue in São Paulo”