RIPPL #29: PAZTIR – chasing efficiency in the time, management and security domains

How can cycle logistics operators become more efficient? How can they prevent theft? How can they better control their operations? PAZTIR is a system that aims to address all of these questions. Continue reading “RIPPL #29: PAZTIR – chasing efficiency in the time, management and security domains”

RIPPL #21: Waalre: Waste collection by e-trike and trailer

Gemeente Waalre, a small Dutch municipality located south of Eindhoven, has been piloting use of an e-trike with trailer for domestic waste collection. The 9-month trial, which ran from September 2016 in Voldijn, a small area of the town a 10 minute ride from the centre, aimed to reduce traffic in the area whilst increasing collection frequency. The e-trike replaced the truck which had previously serviced the area, and collections rose from once to twice per week in order to prevent rubbish piling up and beginning to smell. Continue reading “RIPPL #21: Waalre: Waste collection by e-trike and trailer”

RIPPL #18: Subsidised e-Cargo Bikes in Maastricht

A pilot scheme in Maastricht is allowing entrepreneurs and businesses to try out electric cargo bikes for free. Maastricht Bereikbaar (”Accessible Maastricht”, the city transport authority which is a collaboration between several government bodies, the local Municipality, the Province of Limburg and local businesses with an interest in logistics) is giving local initiatives the chance to test e-cargo bikes for six months. Continue reading “RIPPL #18: Subsidised e-Cargo Bikes in Maastricht”

RIPPL #12: CityServiceBike – Last Mile meets Park & Ride

CityServiceBike is a brand new initiative by Elza van Genderen. Inspired by her knowledge that every day maintenance and installation businesses encounter obstacles while working in the city centre, she launched a pilot on 11 May in Utrecht, which will provide a solution for businesses who want their workers to instead travel by bicycle.  Continue reading “RIPPL #12: CityServiceBike – Last Mile meets Park & Ride”

RIPPL #2: FoodLogica – Last Mile Food Delivery

Amsterdam based startup Foodlogica began trading in 2014; conducting last mile food deliveries  around the city with two e-trikes. Clients’ food is delivered to the edge of the city and Foodlogica take it the rest of the way. After a trial period beginning in June 2014, the company was launched in September that same year. Continue reading “RIPPL #2: FoodLogica – Last Mile Food Delivery”