RIPPL #19: Green to the Grave; Mortality as a Service

Even in death there is a role for cycle logistics. In the UK the co-operative Funeralcare have made sure of that.

In 2010, in response to a request from the family of a cyclist, the UK-based funeral group arranged for a tandem hearse to be built. Co-op have since added a second tandem hearse to their permanent fleet and ‘last rides’ are now available on request at the group’s 900 nationwide branches. It is part of a wider trend towards alternative funerals; according to Co-op’s research, with 1 in 15 UK funerals in 2013 featuring a non-traditional hearse.

The Co-op is not the only organisation to have had this idea. Over in the US, a funeral home in Eugene, Oregon also has a pedal-powered mode of transport. Wade Lind, owner of Sunset Hills Funeral Home, had the idea for an e-trike hearse, designed and then built it within the space of two weeks.

Wade Lind with his Tricycle Hearse. Photo Credit: Melissa Lind

Lastly, The Netherlands are rarely outdone when it comes to cycling and it’s often said that the Dutch are born on their bikes. To complete this journey from cradle to grave, Wim Koning built a beautiful funeral bike, which he presented at the ICBF in 2015.

Wim Koning’s Uitvaaartfiets, or funeral bike. Photo credit: Wim Koning

We at RIPPL can’t think of a better way to go.

Innovations: funeral hearse

Organisation: Co-operative Funeralcare
Sector: Private
Country: UK
Basis: Permanent