RIPPL #6: Outspoken! Delivery – Heavy Duty Components

Established in 2005, Outspoken are a company based in Cambridge which uses cargo bikes and trikes to deliver a number of different services in innovative ways. They are currently the biggest cargo bike courier company in the UK. In 2014, Outspoken couriers rode over 100,000 miles (160,000+ kms), saving 45 tonnes of CO2 emissions. In fact, so innovative and so varied are the methods used by Outspoken that there will be a number of RIPPL posts about the company, of which this is the first.

Over the years, Outspoken have used a number of different brands, models and configurations of bikes and trikes to carry out deliveries. Generally speaking, bicycle components are not designed to withstand heavy loads, this is especially relevant with the e-trikes Outspoken use, which can carry up to 250kgs in one load. With daily use taking a toll on parts, particularly spokes and bearings, repairs are commonplace and preventative maintenance becomes more important.
Photo credit: Tom Parr
To alleviate this issue, Outspoken is investigating using components designed for mopeds. In the mean time Outspoken feeding back information to bike and trike manufacturers so that future designs can meet their changing needs. The manufacturers are, to some extent at least, playing catch up with this new trend, indeed you could begin to call it a requirement, towards more and more use of heavy-duty parts in cycle logistics.
Organisation: Outspoken! Delivery
Sector: Private / Commercial
City: Cambridge
Country: UK
Bike Manufacturer(s): 8 Freight, Bullitt, Cycles Maximus, Radkutsche
Basis: Permanent
Contact(s): Gary Armstrong